About Keith

Director of Marketing & Media at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Storyteller, Bridge-builder, Philanthropist, and Videographer.

Studied photography and marketing in my late teens to become a National Geographic/AP photographer and journalist. In pursuing my ambitions, won four national 1st place awards in photography and a scholarship. After three years of college, I surrendered my dreams and moved to the Soviet Union to smuggle bibles into closed communist countries, church plant, and to assist those who were persecuted and tortured for Christ. Loving my new vocation, I ended up living ten years in Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

In 2010, I entered the Catholic Church after 19 years as a Protestant missionary and started working on my M.A. in theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Been married to a Polish philosopher for 18 years and we have three awesome children: Teah (15), Kevin (13), and Sophie (10).


A few of my favorite quotes:

If you are what you should be, you will set your whole world on fire. – St. Catherine of Siena

There are those who seem to think that it is sufficient to be saved and that it is not necessary to be a saint. It is clearly not necessary to be a saint who performs miracles and whose sanctity is officially recognized by the Church. To be saved, we must take the way of salvation, which is identical with that of sanctity. There will be only saints in heaven. – Fr. Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange

You greatly delude yourself and err, if you think that one thing is demanded from the layman and another from the monk; because all must rise to the same height; and what has turned the world upside down is that we think only the monk must live rigorously, while the rest are allowed to live a life of mediocrity. – St. John Chrysostom

Suffering is present in the world in order to release love, in order to give birth to works of love toward neighbor, in order to TRANSFORM the WHOLE human civilization into a “civilization of love.” – Blessed John Paul II

Love until it hurts, then love some more. – Mother Theresa

5 thoughts on “About Keith

  1. Keith,
    how is it that we have never met? I lived in Baton Rouge 1983-89. I went to Victory Fellowship. The best man in my wedding went to Bethany in Baker. I met Ted through him, did not really get to know him. Doug and I went to Bethany college of missions in Minneapolis. He later went to Moscow and married a girl from Russia. His name is Doug Davis. A couple of guys in our church worked for J. Swaggart in his recording studio and knew Glen. They always spoke highly of him.

    I also went through a period of disappointment in the church and the body. Really more about me than the church. Wrong thinking and unrealistic expectations.

    I am in Idaho and working for a Catholic Neurosurgeon. I had him look at the latest video about the elections and he wanted to show it to his bible study. That is how I found your site. Catholics and bible study-wow. God will move where hearts are open. When I was in Baton Rouge I dated a Catholic girl who’s father was the head of Knights of Columbus for the area. Leo Segella, still the best example of a loving father I have seen.

    I met my wife at bible school. We met a couple from New Zealand who knew David Ravenhill. He was on staff at KC fellowship. We were lucky enough to go there and meet the Ravenhills and experience the early movement there. Pastor Bickle really impacted me for a long time.

    My sister in law lives in Melbourne.

    So I guess you can see why I was a little excited when I read about your journey. I pray the Lord continues to bless you and grow your heart as he already has. I have turned my boss onto your site. I thank you for all you have put into it.

  2. Hi Keith!

    Long time no see! It’s so strange how people move on and what happens next.

    I see you’re involved with IHOP somehow or other – I’m now part of Newfrontiers, which is pretty similar to NCMI, from what I can establish. I’ve now given up my well paid job in the Oil industry and work full time for the church – I’m sort of a youth leader and administrator at the same time.

    I live in the UK, in a town called Great Yarmouth. On paper, I’m still single, but I’m seeing a lot of one of the other youth leaders and I’ve just asked one of the elders to keep me accountable on all this.

    Ummm, how do I sum up the past 4 years? I don’t think I can!

    God Bless, and let me know how you’re getting on!


  3. Mr. Major,

    You have inspired me from your “15th anniversary” story to ask you a question. I’m quite sure that I’ve known who I am supposed to marry for the last 6 years. However, sometimes I doubt. I usually get a sign from God that lets me know that everything is perfectly fine. But this doesn’t keep my mind from wandering all the time. I’m wondering if you could pray, being a complete stranger, to God and ask him about me and this situation. Again, I think it’s a case of the doubts, but sometimes it’s hard for me to differentiate between my soul and my spirit. If you could, that would be excellent. My email is spyhunter534@gmail.com if you need it.


  4. Bro Keith,
    Please pray for the Philippines, small baby steps to approve a reproductive health bill may result in legalizing abortion as it is know today.

    Thanks for your prayers,

    Bro Jayejaye

    Anonymous Fan of the Fransicans Order…

  5. Keith, what a find your website is! I visit Pelianito’s Journal/Blog everyday. We are beginning a nine day fast, so I went looking for some new info/inspiration–and there you were! I gave your web address on the comment page. Since Peli is visited by dozens or perhaps hundreds of people all over the world, you will be reaching and helping so many more.

    I also have my own website: livingchrist.webs.com, and maintain a beautiful website for St Paul the Apostle church here in BATON ROUGE: stpaulbr.webs.com i have added your website as a RECOMMENDED LINK to both my and St. Paul’s websites.

    I was in the convent for several years when I was a young woman, eventually leaving the Church for about 25 years (my stort is on my website). As you well know, He is the Hound of Heaven, and never stops pursuing us. So here I am after returning to the church two years ago. ALL IS GRACE. Not only did He bring me back, but He restored everything I lost by leaving.

    I will pray for you and yours as I do everyday. Now you are part of my “territory of souls”. I hope you are familiar with that expression from Marino Restrepo. (His videos are on my website, also.) Your sister in Christ. Kathy AE

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