Rough cut – Steubenville Youth Conferences promo

Here’s the rough cut of a promo video I’m working on for the Steubenville Youth Conference. I shot all of the video footage and there’s hours more to go through. Please share some of your thoughts and opinions to help me shape the final cut. Thanks!

One thought on “Rough cut – Steubenville Youth Conferences promo

  1. Rough cut?? I was really moved by this video and I am 51 years old. It gave me goose bumps and a few tears. I am a convert to Catholicism from the same stream of Protestant Christianity as you Keith. I would like to encourage those who organize these conferences to consider doing similar events for adults. I long to be able to experience the fullness of being a Catholic Christian through worship and the sacraments in a setting like this. I have yet to find it in the area (Chicago) where I live. I know other adults who feel the same.
    I especially liked the way you used the music with your video to show that we worship not only through our voices but also through sight – awesome shots of Our Lord Present in the Eucharist, and through smell – Holy Incense. Catholicism is Total Body Worship!
    It was also encouraging to see and hear the teens’ testimonies – honesty and depth – not only emotional.
    This did not look like a rough cut, it was more like a final draft. Awesome!

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