Day 20: We Choose Our Own Destiny – St. Catherine of Siena

Because there has been so much silence, or outright skepticism, in the Church in recent decades concerning heaven and hell, the horror of sin and the glory of heaven, it may be that confronting the vision of St. Catherine of Siena – which is absolutely scripturally based and firmly embedded in the Tradition of the Catholic Church – may cause us to struggle with issues of “fairness” or to ask the famous question “how could a good God send someone to hell?” It’s interesting to note how the Father shows Catherine that as each person dies he or she actually rushes to where they want to be. In a very real way each person chooses their own destiny over the course of their own lifetime and, at the moment of death, embraces what has truly become their choice.

How great is the stupidity of those who make themselves weak in spite of my strengthening, and put themselves into the devil’s hands! I want you to know, then, that at the moment of death, because they have put themselves during life under the devil’s rule (not by force, because they cannot be forced, as I told you; but hey put themselves voluntarily into his hands), and because they come to the point of death under this perverse rule, they can expect no other judgment but that of their own conscience. They come without hope to eternal damnation. In hate they grasp at hell in the moment of their death, and even before they possess it, they take hell as their prize along with their lords the demons.

St. Catherine of Siena

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