Apostolic Foundations

I am apart of a group of forty guys at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City that have made a commitment to fast twice a week from food and to pray and read. The book we are currently reading is, Apostolic Foundations by Art Katz. I have never cried so much reading a book out loud with a group of men pursuing holiness as this one. It took us seven weeks just to finish chapter one because we would cry, rend our hearts, and contemplate the words read. If you would like to read some of it now, I attached the first two chapters below.

Apostolic Foundations (Chapter 1) – Apostolic Service: Priestliness

Apostolic Foundations (Chapter 2) – Apostolic Perception: Eternity

3 thoughts on “Apostolic Foundations

  1. Hey Keith – this is Roberto here. Hey – your blog is inspiring man. I like it – it seems there is so much more available through wordpress than blogspot – any feedback on that?

    Anyways – re this book – I read about five pages of it – and it blew my mind up. Sadly I did not read on…..

    Write back…ok?

  2. I don’t get it. Are you Catholic? You have several strongly Catholic links on your blog roll, yet you are praising a book by Art Katz. Which side of the fence are you on? Art was jealous for authenticity throughout his ministry. You can not get more unauthentic Christianity then Rome! I should know I was raised in that darkness called Catholicism most of my life. Thank God that I came to the truth and Jesus set me free. If I were you I would really reconsider promoting those sites. Here is a couple of links videos you should definitely watch.



  3. Greetings Brother Keith…I am Glenda Jackson and I live in Bloomington, IL. I was surfing the net and came across your website here and was very pleased to find that you and a group of other believers have actually studied Apostolic Foundations by Art Katz.

    I too have studied the Book and learned from the online Apostolic Foundations teachings on the Art Katz website. How powerful this teaching is….so powerful and necessary for the church to know, that I conduct a 12 week class utilizing the book and the online teachings.

    I believe God has given a precious gift through Art Katz’s teachings and that we must continue bringing them to the Body of Christ so that we can have the beginning that God always intended for the church.

    God Bless you brother!

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