father-daughter night out

I took Teah out for a “father-daughter” night out. The venue was a “Skillet” concert. Teah is a violinist and her jaw dropped open when the starting act/song was their violinist, Jonathan Chu, playing his violin it a way she has never seen or heard before. He inspired my sweet daughter to explore the hard-core side of her beloved instrument.

Jonathan Chu

One thought on “father-daughter night out

  1. These are the stories that encourage me and make me keep wanting to play. I’ve been humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to see how God uses music to inspire, encourage, and carry His message to hearts and ears. I pray that your daughter will continue to grow in her love for music and a love for Christ.

    A great quote told to me by my teacher, that has inspired me and continued to move me,
    “The violin is a voice box to your soul.”

    My soul yearns to be with Christ and to know Him deeply and I pray that people will hear and want the same.


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